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Easy, Efficient,

Grow your sales with PIM


Implementing Profitable PIM Strategies with Jasper PIM

 TUE | JANUARY 25, 2022

2:00 PM ET

Speaker: Rachel Pham

What is Jasper PIM?

Any online store needs the finest product information management software, or PIM, to thrive and grow. At Jasper PIM, we put your business first with intuitive and affordable programs and strategies that will bring you results fast. We’re the only PIM software provider you’ll ever need.

Sell More. Sell Faster. Work Smarter with Jasper PIM.

Centralize Your Product Information

Master products and syndicate through multiple distribution channels with our PIM Software. A central set of product data can be used to feed eCommerce websites, print catalogs, ERP systems, trading partners. Reach channels faster, optimize merchandising, build brand equity and ensure absolute product accuracy. 

Jasper PIM Enables Businesses to

Organize and merchandise products with enriched content & media

Set promotional pricing and schedule content updates

Manage multiple brands or multi-language eCommerce storefronts

Automatically syndicate products to popular eCommerce channels

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How Does Jasper's Product Information Management Work?

Jasper PIM is the bridge between your front-end website shopping platform, in-store Point of Sale systems, affiliate sales channels, and internal ERP, CRM, inventory control, and accounting back-office systems.

Here’s how the process works:

  • Product data flows inbound manually or automatically to the PIM software from connected business systems.
  • Customers then enhance that data by adding media, marketing, and promotional information.
  • Next, users merchandise their products – customizing which to highlight on a variety of selling channels.
  • Finally, the product information management (PIM) software automatically publishes new or updated product content to all connected selling channels quickly and accurately

Why Use Jasper PIM?

Numbers speak louder than words. On average, clients that switch to Jasper PIM see the following benefits to their business:

Take a look at our case studies to learn more about how Jasper has
revolutionized product management for some of our customers.

Which Version is Right for Me?

Small Business

Easy to use and lightweight. Support for Shopify, Square, or BigCommerce Merchants. Excellent value for the price. Available $ onboarding support.


Best for medium to large scale businesses. Support for Shopify, BigCommerce and Magento storefronts as well as Amazon and Walmart Marketplaces.

Small Business

A central and scalable location for all of your product data. Optimize your merchandising workflows to ensure absolute product accuracy.

Maintain complex product types with localized attributes and
relationships to other products.

Access powerful kit & bundling and faceted search capability not possible in your shopping platform on its own.

Automatically syndicate your products to Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento storefronts. or your Amazon or Walmart marketplaces Set promotional pricing in advance to set-it-and- forget-it.


Technology Partners | Become a Partner of Jasper PIM

For retailers looking for innovative, smart PIM applications that deliver outstanding results, Jasper PIM is the place to go. To expand our capabilities, we have secured great deals with reputable companies, becoming technology partners with key businesses in the industry. Learn how can you leverage our partner ecosystem to increase your sales and streamline your eCommerce operations. 

PIM Software Case Studies


Rapid Onboarding of Shopify Plus Multistore Merchant // Global Brand


BigCommerce replatform with PIM integration multi-language and multi-currency capabilities

Total Beauty Network

Shopify Plus replatform with PIM integration and multi-language

Yeti Cycles

BigCommerce replatform with PIM integration and multi-language

Sell More, Work Smarter with Jasper

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